A black & white photograph of me taken in Marrakesh, 2008

👋🏻 Hi, I’m Ben.

I’m a developer-turned-designer living in Valencia, Spain. I work for Jeff where I lead the design of their business-to-business products and think about how they will change over the coming decade.

I’ve been developing and designing apps, services and websites for brands, businesses, governments and start-ups since 2005. I’ve also launched several personal projects, the latest being Everything Lists, an aggregator for best-of lists for film and television.

You can find out more on Twitter, Linked In and Github. I’m also one of the few remaining users of Flickr and Last.fm.


This website is powered by the Hugo static site generator. It’s great and powerful, but the syntax of Go bewilders me. The whole thing is hosted on Netlify.

The typeface is Rox Grotesk, designed by Kostic and served by Adobe Fonts.

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