1. Monday 25th November 2019

    Published a blog post

    The web's agricultural revolution

    The development and centralisation of the web through the lens of the agricultural revolution.

  2. Friday 14th August 2009

    Published a blog post

    Next stop, Tokyo

    My first time living outside of the UK, as I leave London to take on a more design-oriented role in Tokyo.

  3. Wednesday 29th April 2009

    Published a blog post

    Exploding the myths of web design: Only use web fonts

    Why it is easier than you think to enhance your designs by using the fonts installed on your users computer.

  4. Sunday 30th April 2006

    Published a blog post

    Skip past content, not to it

    Why ordering and structuring your markup correctly improves the accessibility of your content.

  5. Friday 10th February 2006

    Published a blog post

    The dangers of customisation

    Avoiding the temptation to re-style common form components because of how it affects usability.