1. The seventh version of Flickrshow

      Friday 14th August 2009

      The seventh version of my popular javascript slideshow library, now fully native and a fraction of the size.

    2. Moved from London, UK to Tokyo, Japan

      Friday 14th August 2009

      My first time living outside of the UK, as I leave London to take on a more design-oriented role in Tokyo.

    3. Intial release of Flickrshow

      Friday 14th August 2009

      Introducing my new javascript-based slideshow gallery for Flickr that can embedded in any website.

    1. Released version eight of this website

      Saturday 10th December 2005

      Inspired by Mark Boulton’s five simple steps series, the first time I started to think seriously about typography.

    2. Beta release of Beseku Gallery

      Thursday 17th November 2005

      An AJAX-powered javascript library for displaying your Flickr photos on your own website.

    1. Released version seven of this website

      Tuesday 30th November 2004

      My first theme for Wordpress, and the version of the website that got me my first agency role, at Cimex.

    2. Released version six of this website

      Wednesday 14th April 2004

      The first version of this site built using HTML and CSS, and the first to be featured on a gallery site.

    1. Released the first version of this website

      Tuesday 27th November 2001

      I bought this domain and uploaded the very first version of this website. It was built in Flash and strongly influenced by 2Advanced Studios.