Pictures & Words

Friend and former colleague Jordan Harper has recently begun documenting his visit to Japan exactly one year after the event. He’s chosen to sift through the 2000+ photographs he took throughout the trip and pick one to publish each day exactly a year after it was taken, together with a brief account of what he was doing at the time.

I’m hoping these self-imposed restrictions will mean I try to pick more interesting shots, rather than just posting a parade of pictures of weird looking buildings, amazing landscapes and happy accidents. I’m hoping someone finds this interesting.

I’m certainly biased as I got to share some of Jordan’s time here with him, (particularly the time in Karaoke booths), but I am thoroughly enjoying reliving the trip each day through his wonderful images and words. I appreciate the effort it takes to not only recall the best (and worst) moments of a particular day but also to pick one image with which to convey the experiences had.

This is a beautiful example of how the web as a medium allows anybody to create a personal shareable artefact and souvenir, regardless of the appeal it might have to a wider audience. Even if no-one else enjoys the project, it has been possible for Jordan to document and reminisce over his trip and for me to join him in that.