The Whale Hunt

The Whale Hunt, the latest creation of Jonathan Harris, is an experiment how to display a large number of images related specifically to one particular event, in this case living and hunting with Inupiat Eskimos in Alaska. In his own words:

The Whale Hunt website was developed as an experimental interface for storytelling. Given an epic real world story, with lots of content and lots of metadata, how can the narrative be faithfully retold?

Harris has identified a simple method of quantifying the event based on the time elapsed between taking photographs, deriving a level of excitement, or ‘cadence’, that increases as the speed of shooting increases. What makes this project even more impressive is how he chooses to utilise this quantifier to generate a raft of interface elements that allow you to explore the 3000+ images in various ways. Particularly interesting is the timeline method, punctuated with peaks that draw you to the most exciting points in his trip. Fascinating.