Unlogo is a piece of software that allows computers to identify corporate logos, (and I assume, any simple shapes) in video, and manipulate them within the context of the footage.

“I thought if I could train a computer to recognise logos for the sake of making a brand more ubiquitous, why not not train it to erase them completely?” Crouse explains in the below video. “We’re trying to get people interested in this idea of controlling the presence of corporate messages…They represent an intrusion.”

Interestingly, Fast Company hypothesises that the software will be equally as useful to corporations as it will to those who wish to remove their presence. Companies frequently remove their logo from footage, by hand, when the brand association is forbidden or unwanted, but with the ever increasing volume of video being generated by professionals and amateurs, software such as this would make the process far more feasible and on a much wider scale.