Branding London 2012

The logo for the 2012 Olympic games was yesterday unveiled on the London 2012 website. Wolf Olins, the firm tasked with creating the branding, have avoided any kind of cliche, (I was thinking the Thames, London Eye or Big Ben would feature prominently), and instead have opted for a new-rave/eighties themed device that looks to be focused more on it’s ability to be co-branded than as a stand alone logo or mark.

Bryan Bedell of Coudal has written a fantastic piece on the inevitable furore that has erupted in the media. While I think it may age by the start of the event, I agree with almost every other point he makes, especially when it comes to pricing - the fact that every tabloid in the country is questioning the cost of the design without understanding the processes involved is disgusting, ill-informed and exactly the cause of much of the poor, generic and uninspiring design of recent times.