Have you seen this site in Internet Explorer 5?

I make my living writing clean, accessible and semantic mark-up, (and making good cups of tea), and I designed this site to reflect these skills. A lot of time went into making this design fit into a web browser in a satisfactory way. With that in mind, I am not going to alter the clean code to accomodate a browser that through three iterations still can’t get the XHTML specification right.

This site doesn’t feature any hacks or compromises for Internet Explorer or any other browser - that means if you look at it in IE 5.01 the content is in a narrow strip down the left hand side. If you look at it in IE 5.5 or 6, the form-buttons are offset by 10 pixels. If you look at it it any flavour of Internet Explorer, you probably won’t get to enjoy the PNG images used in all of their glory and the shorter pages won’t be the required min-height - tough luck.

If this was a commercial site, this may not be the case - people still use IE, (about 78% at the last count) and people equals customers equals revenue. But this isn’t a commercial site, and with the target audience being what it is, if you are visiting this site using IE you should know better. Get a better browser. In fact, get a better computer.